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Saturday, September 16th, 2023 | Tara Firma Farms | Petaluma, CA

It all started with our collaboration and hosting of the Soil Not Oil conference in 2022

While the Soil Not Oil conference will continue in its previous urban setting we were inspired to continue educating and engaging people on the topic of regenerative agriculture and health in our beautiful on-farm venue. Hence the formation of Soil & Health Forum a project of the Tara Firma Farms Institute 501c3. We are looking forward to our inaugural event this year on Sept 16th.

Please join us for this one-day event with speakers and attendees who are knowledgeable and passionate about the importance of the soil and myriad ways we can all help the earth and her inhabitants heal. Tickets include meals prepared from the produce on our farm.

The Soil and Health was a book published in 1947 by Albert Howard who studied the relationship between animal health (yes, that includes us!) and the soil as he observed traditional organic agriculture systems in India. What better name and who better to point to than one of the critical pioneers of our current Organic/Regenerative agricultural movement.

Soil and Health will be a place for people to meet in community, in nature, and learn from each other. The forum will be held in the middle of September each year. We also plan to have other promotional events throughout the year with panels to help raise funds for further outreach.

Again, we hope you join us for this exciting and stimulating one-day event either in person or online through our virtual livestream.

  • Each ticket includes the planting of 35 mangroves by an NGO that’s been vetted and works to revitalize the Eastern African coast with the planting of mangrove trees.
  • You also have access to eight videos featuring panels and presenters from last year’s event.

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